Top 5 Articles of 2010

Here are the five most popular articles with our readers in 2010, our first full year of blogging:

  1. Are Morningstar Ratings Useful?
    A brief evaluation of Morningstar ratings as a predictor of future mutual fund performance. This article was also published on Get Rich Slowly.
  2. Is Real Estate a Good Investment? (Part 1)
    The first of a two-part series covering real estate as an investment. This one evaluates buying rental property as an investment. Part 2 covers buying a home vs renting.
  3. Glide Path: A Target-Date Fund’s Secret Sauce
    Although marketed as a all-in-one solution, not all target-date funds are alike. One difference is how each fund changes its asset allocation over time (its glide path).
  4. Online Investment Advisors: Marketriders, Betterment, and Plantly
    New online investment companies are bringing customization and automation to personal investing. See how they match up.
  5. Top 3 Problems with 529 Age-Based Options
    Although a decent all-in-one option for 529 plans, there are a few design flaws to be aware of with age-based options.

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