What is Smart Beta?

When investors talk about indexing, that has traditionally meant something that looks like the S&P 500 index. In recent years, indexing has grown far beyond its traditional roots and it […]

Are Markets Efficient?

When I tell people that I use index funds and ETFs to build my clients’ portfolios, they seem a bit surprised that I would consider markets to be efficient. Many […]

What Makes Investing So Hard?

Anyone willing to do some research on how to invest will eventually find the relatively simple approach that most experts recommend to individuals. Like in Blackjack, let’s call this Basic Strategy:

Stock Market Experts of the 1930s

If you have even the slightest interest in investing, you probably notice stock market experts everywhere, whether they appear on CNBC, write for newspapers or blogs, or even serve as […]

Trading in Volatile Markets

From the May 2010 newsletter: You may be wondering what trading I’ve done over the last few weeks with the recent volatility in the stock markets (S&P 500 below). Well, […]