Real Estate

Investment Options: Foreign Real Estate

When people think about real estate as an investment, most think of buying and renting out a condo or single-family home in their neighborhood. The rental properties that happen to […]

Valuing Real Estate (REITs)

In prior newsletters, I made the case for using the P/E ratio to value the stock market and to predict future returns. Now let’s apply the same analysis to real estate, or more specifically REITs …

Investment Options: US Real Estate

This is the latest post in a series covering investment selection. Each post covers an asset class, highlighting selection factors to consider and listing filtered investment options. Based on the […]

Is Real Estate a Good Investment? (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two-part discussion on real estate. The first part covered buying real estate as an investment, and showed that buying individual rental properties is […]

Is Real Estate a Good Investment? (Part 1)

When I talk to people about investing and personal finance, the topic of real estate inevitably comes up. This is a fairly broad topic, so I have broken up the […]