Investment Options

Investment Options: US TIPS Bonds

The role of bonds in our clients’ portfolios — especially today with extremely low yields — is that of a shock absorber. It’s no guarantee, but bonds generally react very […]

Investment Options: Foreign Real Estate

When people think about real estate as an investment, most think of buying and renting out a condo or single-family home in their neighborhood. The rental properties that happen to […]

Investment Options: Emerging Market Stocks

Driven by growth in countries like China and Brazil over the last few decades, Emerging Market (EM) stocks have grown from representing less than 1% to now over 10% of […]

Investment Options: US Stocks

“Is the market up or down today?” A question like this implicitly refers to the US stock market, not the market for German government bonds or crude oil futures, because when people think of investments …

Investment Options: US Treasury Bonds

This is the latest post in a series covering investment selection. Each post covers an asset class, highlighting selection factors to consider and listing filtered investment options. Bonds have become […]