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Top 5 Articles of 2010

Here are the five most popular articles with our readers in 2010, our first full year of blogging:

Online Investment Advisors: Asset Allocations

The other day, I introduced three online investment services and evaluated them versus a target date fund. As promised, this post goes a little deeper into the asset allocations recommended […]

Online Investment Advisors: MarketRiders, Betterment, and Plantly

Technology is definitely one of my addictions. So much so that my wife accuses me of LOOOOOVING the internet. Long before Mint came out, I used Yodlee to track my […]

Choosing a Target-Date Fund

Last week, I wrote a guide to choosing a target-date fund for a popular personal-finance blog, Get Rich Slowly. The guide compares target-date funds from Fidelity, T Rowe Price, and […]

Top 3 Problems with 529 Age-Based Options

529 plans are a great way to save for college, and most offer a very simple investment option called an “age-based option.” This option automatically shifts your portfolio towards bonds […]