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Online Investment Advisors: Asset Allocations

The other day, I introduced three online investment services and evaluated them versus a target date fund. As promised, this post goes a little deeper into the asset allocations recommended […]

Online Investment Advisors: MarketRiders, Betterment, and Plantly

Technology is definitely one of my addictions. So much so that my wife accuses me of LOOOOOVING the internet. Long before Mint came out, I used Yodlee to track my […]

Top 3 Problems with 529 Age-Based Options

529 plans are a great way to save for college, and most offer a very simple investment option called an “age-based option.” This option automatically shifts your portfolio towards bonds […]

Is Real Estate a Good Investment? (Part 1)

When I talk to people about investing and personal finance, the topic of real estate inevitably comes up. This is a fairly broad topic, so I have broken up the […]

Glide Path: A Target-Date Fund’s Secret Sauce

You probably have never heard of the term “glide path,” but you’ve definitely thought about it before. The rule of thumb of holding 100 minus your age as a percentage […]